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Why Indonesia is a must-do market for green energy business now?

Indonesia Market

  1. Indonesian market of 250 million people is one of important markets in the world providing spacius room for almost everything including for the latest green products hit the market in the last decade.
  2. Indonesia’s economy has grown massively over the 15 or so years since the Asian financial crisis of the late 90s. Annual GDP growth has ranged from 5% to 6% since 2010, and the World Bank forecasts this growth to stay around the 5.5% mark until 2016.
  3. Green building is spreading through the global construction sector as attitudes change and technology advances – 51% of building professionals surveyed by McGraw Hill Construction in 2013 said that 60% of their work will be green by this year.
  4. Indonesia is one of many countries adopting green initiatives and encouraging alternative energy solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Indonesia has pledged to reduce carbon emissions to 26 percent from 40 percent in 2020.

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